Snow in Syosset

Here's a photo (taken from my iphone) of the big pile of snow in the Syosset LIRR parking lot. It's as high as some of the buildings in the area!
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LIRR absurdity

Talk about lousy customer service.  Tickets are only good within 14 days of purchase.  Fine, you say, if I changed my plans I'll just return the tickets.  Well, there is a $10 return fee for tickets: so if you buy a round-trip ticket for $10, you effectively can't return it!  No wonder everyone complains about the MTA.


Record snow this January, and it's not yet over!  I'll try and post a picture if I can get a good one.  90 minutes of shoveling this morning to get our 2 cars cleared.


Wow.  What a bad movie.  Before watching it, I thought it wouldn't be a brilliant work of art, but at least I had hoped it would be entertaining.  But the movie was disjointed and broken into about 3 different parts, with little interesting action.  And it became obvious who the real villain was just by the pacing of the movie.

Liev Schreiber was so much better on Broadway when I saw him there...


Oh well, they had a nice run this year.  I didn't think they would make it to the Super Bowl: they have played too inconsistently to get by the better teams on a regular basis, and they just ran out of luck (by making too many mistakes) against the Steelers.  They did an admirable job of coming back in the 2nd half to make the game interesting, though!

Blogger mobile templates

Hey, I enabled mobile templates on my blog (and Penelope's blog).  The blog looks great on my iPhone now!

Lower Costs and Better Care for Neediest Patients : The New Yorker

Lower Costs and Better Care for Neediest Patients : The New Yorker

Atul Gawande's writing is always thought-provoking. I read this article on my commute this morning, and thought it was worth a blog post. Revolutionary thinking about redefining a doctor's job!

Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center

This nice little museum was worth a visit: it had some interesting international art that we liked.  Their web site is kind of sparse, though, so I don't have any good pointers.

Cincinnati Art Museum

We attended a beautiful wedding in this cute little art museum.  We did not get to see much of the museum, but the building itself was gorgeous.

Cincinnati starchitecture

This building is by Daniel Libeskind (the architect in charge of the Freedom Tower). It is in Cincinnati, and looks kind of empty at night.
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A Single Man

We watched this beautiful film on DVD (from Netflix, of course; all other sources of DVDs seem to have gone out of business).  Colin Firth was wonderful, even though I always think of him as Mr. Darcy.  I found the film gorgeously filmed, written, and acted, and yet somehow less compelling than I would have liked.  Maybe this film was just too focused on the main character's interior lives for my taste.  In any case, I did enjoy watching it.