Revolutionary Road

This novel is a beautifully written book about two depressingly useless people in the 1950's. I found the book hard to finish, as all of the primary characters are revoltingly unhappy with their lives. I wonder whether the movie was worth watching? DiCaprio and Winslet make a great cast.

I read this book mostly because of the relation to the TV show Mad Men (which is fantastically good). But even though the TV show's characters are in some ways just as unhappy as the characters in the book, it is far more palatable to watch their behavior and actions on a screen (vs. reading their innermost thoughts).

Charlie Wilson's War

A quite-funny and too-obviously-topical movie about the unintended consequences of the American covert intervention in the Afghan war. Tom Hanks really looked like the real Charlie Wilson!

Brideshead Revisited

We watched this film, which was gorgeously filmed but kind of dull. The reviews were not so good: apparently the TV serial from ITV is much better. Castle Howard sure looks nice, though!

You Don't Mess with the Zohan

I watched my first film on "Instant" Netflix. Pretty poor resolution, but it was fine for this movie. The movie itself was pretty hilarious, and very "NY" in its storyline. Very un-PC, though!

The Holiday

We watched this puff-piece (entertaining, though) on DVD. I loved seeing Eli Wallach (his tough-guy movies long behind him). The mention of Ennio Morricone's music was cute, too.

A Ship of the Line

I think I've read enough of the Hornblower series. The three I read (Beat to Quarters, A Ship of the Line, and Flying Colours) are pretty good, and capture the central part of Hornblower's (fictional) career. Entertaining stuff, even though Hornblower was a bit neurotic in his insecurities.

El Vez

An oddly decorated Mexican "diner" (at least in the decorative style) with great Mexican food! I really wanted to try their guacamole (they had seven! different kinds), but I wasn't hungry enough. I thought the tacos would be less of a meal, but I was still stuffed afterwards. And this restaurant is right across from Capogiro Gelateria: what more could one want?


Dinner at Tinto was quite a treat. Their tapas was excellent, and like everything in Philadelphia, the price was much more affordable than Manhattan!

Capogiro Gelateria

We spent a weekend in Philadelphia, and the highlight of the trip (for me, at least) was this wonderfully delicious gelato store. It was incredibly good gelato: probably the best I've had in the US.

Pride and Prejudice

I finally got around to reading this novel, and on my new iPhone, no less. It was odd reading on an electronic device, but I got used to it. I tended to skim while reading on the iPhone, but maybe not too much more than when I read a novel whose plot I know pretty well (from the many film adaptations that I have seen).

Boy, what a "talky" novel: there is minimal description, and lots of dialogue!