Captain America!

We took a break from unpacking our house to see another Marvel-superhero blockbuster movie, Captain America.  He was never one of my favorite characters, but the movie was really well done.  Another Marvel movie with serious actors: Stanley Tucci and Tommy Lee Jones being the most obvious ones.  Hugo Weaving is making a career out of comic/sci-fi/fantasy movies!

This movie and the prior well-done release of Thor bode well for next year's Avengers movie...

A Magic Flute

We saw this performance of a minimalist version of Mozart's The Magic Flute.  Titled "A Magic Flute", this version by Peter Brook was stunning: I really enjoyed watching it.  It was adapted for piano and singers, with a minimal bamboo stage set: I could swear that the opening notes echoed the music from Lost (is it possible that it's vice versa?).

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

We saw this energetic, happy musical today!  Act I was so-so at best, but Act II had some great numbers.  I was a bit taken aback that most of the score consisted of non-original music (a lot of Madonna songs) in Act I: but it worked better in Act II.  The cast was clearly into it, and Nick Adams (the character of Adam/Felicia) was a total blast!

Worcester Art Museum

We stopped at the small (but nice) Worcester Art Museum over the long weekend. They have this gorgeous Roman mosaic, which is better than some we've seen in Italy. They have a couple of lovely Matisse paintings as well. I'm sure I'm not doing the museum justice: if you're ever in the area, it's worth stopping for a few hours.
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