Medicine and life

This essay about medicine and end-of-life issues is well worth reading.  It reminds me of what my mother went through when my father's Parkinson's became debilitating.

Justice League

Streaming Netflix is great: baby screams, you stop watching.  Baby settles down, you watch some.

This translation from a comic to a movie (direct-to-DVD, I believe) is not bad.  Entertaining, at least: it was fun watching them have Batman take out Superwoman with a trick.

Mad Men Season Three

We caught up on Season 3 of Mad Men.  What a season!  The ending was very satisfying: Don Draper has lost his real family, but has created his advertising family in the form of a startup.  All of the important players are in the new firm: it promises to lead into a great Season 4.  I wonder what important historical events will shape that season?  Vietnam?  Joan's husband will certainly get shipped off there.