Torchwood 1

I've been watching this BBC serial on and off for the last year, and finally finished the last episode of the first season.  Entertaining sci-fi.  Some of the episodes are derivative, but overall the series does a good job of filling out a bunch of interesting characters.  Watching over the Internet is convenient: just like a DVR!  Very useful with a baby around...

Ben's Kosher Deli

Lots of take-out food today.  We had a power outage, so we gave up on the idea of cooking dinner and instead went to this nearby deli.  Excellent food, although the salami sandwich was heavily meat-laden.

Wild Fig

We tried this Middle-Eastern restaurant in Syosset for lunch; the food was pretty good!  Definitely less expensive than Manhattan too.  We shared a couple of salads and entrees.


Hilarious road-trip movie about America overrun with zombies.  Apparently they're making a sequel as well!

Oracle Bones

I finally have some time to read: on the train commuting to/from Manhattan.  It is a bit difficult to work, so I combine leisure reading and some work to make the commute bearable.

I managed to finally finish this lovely book by Peter Hessler, which is about China in the first 5 or 6 years of this century.  (I had to return his newest book to the library before I could even crack it open, given the arrival of Penelope!)  Even now it feels like it is about an "old China", given the pace of change there (as well as here).

My favorite quote: "General Tso and Colonel Sanders: great chicken imperialists."

The funniest chapter was the one about Imre Galambos and his website,  He sells Chinese characters for tattoo art, but the funniest part was where Peter Hessler describes how Galambos kept trying to explain to people that Chinese doesn't have an alphabet!

Trader Joe's hits Chelsea

Saw this sign up yesterday morning!  Too bad we won't be living in Chelsea very soon...

Eleven Madison Park

To celebrate our anniversary, and the beginning of our new lives on Long Island, we went to Eleven Madison Park.  Magnificent food, with a lovely ambience.  If I get in the mood (which I probably won't), I'll recap the menu.  Suffice it to say that it's probably the best restaurant we've been to in NYC.  No more fancy restaurants until Penelope gets much older, probably!

Ottimo closed

Another restaurant bites the dust.  It wasn't cheap, but the food was very good.  And it was close to our apartment.

Lend Me a Tenor

We thought we'd see a show, since we're moving out of Manhattan soon, and our anniversary is coming up.  This outstanding farce was hilarious: Tony Shalhoub was just one of the well-known actors in the cast.  The play was directed by Stanley Tucci, too!  Great writing and acting, and just crazy plot twists.

No 7 Sub Shop

This Manhattan outpost of a Brooklyn restaurant is a pure takeout sandwich shop.  And what sandwiches!  We had a tuna sandwich (the phrase "tuna sandwich" hardly does justice to it), a veggie sandwich (different kinds of tomatoes, mostly), and a lamb sandwich.  All very delicious!