Barnes and Noble

I went to my first (and possibly only, looking into the future) shareholder's meeting.  I was expecting/hoping for some fireworks, as there was a contentious board election.  However, it was clear that the attendees, at least, loved Leonard Riggio, the chairman of the board.  All in all, very non-contentious and anti-climactic.  Oh well!

Hipsters, Hustlers and Handball Players

While we were at the Met, we stopped by this small collection of photographs by Leon Levinstein from the 1950's and onward.  What struck me was how non-beautiful the images were: very strikingly so!{C9CE6916-DFEF-4B86-BDB0-EE290C523227}

What is odd is that blogger won't let me use the above link on the title because it contains illegal characters.  The curly braces?

Kubilai Khan at the Met

No, he didn't come back to life and conquer the Met.  This exhibition was impressively curated, with works from all over the China (not to mention the rest of the world too).


We drove through Flushing over the weekend, and saw lots of downed trees from the macro-burst that happened last week. Very intense weather!
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The Specials

This odd little superhero movie isn't particularly good, but it was easy to watch while taking care of Penelope.  A bit too much swearing for kids who can pick up language, though.  But it was mildly amusing.


This DVD has been sitting next to our TV since Penelope was born, and I finally got a chance to skim through it while watching Penelope this Labor Day weekend.  Ah, the series was so good...this episode was fun to watch.