Avatar: The Last Airbender

TV on Netflix is great; you can get all sorts of "old" stuff to watch.  I decided to watch this original Nickolodeon series, on which the horrible movie The Last Airbender was based.  The original series is fantastic!  Designed for kids, but it's still good entertainment, with good writing/anime-style art.  Definitely worth watching, especially if you have some young kids of the right age.  I suspect that around 10 years old is the target demographic.

Charity Navigator

It's that time of year again: making donations to charities.  In case you haven't seen/used it, Charity Navigator is an excellent resource for evaluating the effectiveness of your donated dollars.

Dexter Season 4

We finished watching Season 4 on DVD.  Outstandingly intense and depressing ending to another disturbing (and very dark) season.  John Lithgow was creepy indeed.  I'm very sad about the end to the season; I didn't like the direction it takes Dexter's family.

Four Fish

Fun (and thought-provoking) book about fish and how mankind is doing a great job of reducing their population drastically.  The author finds it depressing that people always ask him what fish to eat, but he does implicitly answer that question: tilipia and tra are apparently very good fish to eat, because they are efficient converters of protein.  A lot of fun little anecdotes and stories in this book; well worth reading if you care about food issues.

Sagamore Hill

We visited Theodore Roosevelt's old home at Sagamore Hill, a national park.  The tour of the house was one of the best historic tours I have ever taken; the Park Service ranger was incredibly knowledgeable about the house and TR himself.  Fun fact: TR was the first president to be able to run the US from a non-Washington location, because of the invention of the telephone.  Definitely worth a visit!


No, not my daughter.  This flighty little movie is quite entertaining, with Christina Ricci as the pig-faced little girl.  Reese Witherspoon was a co-producer and also played a hilarious character in the film itself.  James McAvoy is always fun to watch...