Quantum of Solace

We saw this film on opening night, after getting tickets at 8pm. The theater was pretty full, but not packed: if our experience is typical, then the movie will make a good deal of money, but not a ton.

Overall, the film was not that good a story. However, it was entertaining, if you like action and lots of violence and death. We watched a little of Casino Royale on DVD beforehand (and the rest afterwards), which helped us get some more context for Quantum of Solace.


Patrick Roberts said...

Quantum of Solace is entertaining at least... a lot of high quality visuals, but the movie as a whole could stand to lose six or seven fewer chase scenes

Wilson said...

I thought the Tosca scene was really well done. The unusual thing about this movie is that it felt almost like a 70's throwback. The location titles as they traveled were very 70's.