Book of Mormon

Wow.  Hard to know exactly what to say about this sometimes profane, always irreverent, profoundly hilarious, and wonderfully written and performed musical.  It had its South Park moments (especially in the Cartman-esque voiceovers that explain the life of Joseph Smith), of course.  And the profanity was extreme enough that it startled me: maybe because when I grew up it would have been unimaginable for such profanity to have been on Broadway.  Overall, though, a fantastic production with a great cast.

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Tobin Vance said...

I read that in a dress rehearsal there was a costume malfunction, so the actor playing Joseph Smith who had to have sex with the Christ figure got stuck as Hitler or something, but they forged ahead.
I got The Book of Mormon tickets this summer, and I loved it! I was really impressed with the set and theater design too. They did a real number on the Eugene O Neill Theatre