We watched Volver, a film by Almodovar. He is surely obsessed by female relationships! Volver is a beautiful movie, and definitely worth watching. And who would have thought that Penelope Cruz could be so great?


jc said...

Hmmm... For a while I was working on a theory that any movie that had Penelope Cruz in it sucked. I'm not a big fan of her, but I don't think she's terrible -- I just felt like every project she picked was crappy. At first I thought it was the "Americanization of Penelope" but Julie rented a putrid Euro flick about Penelope as a Beatles fan that was as bad as anything churned out in Hollywood.

Might have to check Volver out after two recommendations in two weeks.

Wilson said...

After looking up her filmography, I realized that I haven't seen much of her work. I did think that All About My Mother was a great film, though; of course, that's also Almodovar. Penelope Cruz did not play as large a role in that movie, if I recall correctly.