Legend of the Seeker

Well, it's over.  Watching this while trying to care for a fussy baby is interesting, but it also made it more humorous: it is hard to take such a poorly written (albeit entertaining) series too seriously.  The final episode of season two starts with an "undo" of the whole previous episode (which they should have done at the end of that episodes, not as a "To be continued...").  Then they finish with another deus ex machina.  And of course the Seeker has got to be the most gullible character on the planet (or, at least, in D'Harra).

But, nonetheless, I'll miss the series.  Campy, illogical plots, unrealistic costumes; but it was still fun, like TV is supposed to be.  If I ever get the time to read again maybe I'll skim the books by Terry Goodkind.

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