Against All Things Ending

I'm just guessing at when I finished reading this book (if you haven't noticed, I set the time on my posts for when I watch/read a book/movie/TV show, not when I post).  It was my first real Kindle book, and I found it to be an interesting experience reading a long novel on the Kindle.  First, the Kindle let me skim more than I already tend to skim in dense books (and the Covenant books are all dense, but more on the book itself later).  More surprisingly, though, because I use my Kindle every morning on my commute, it lets me reread much more frequently: I find that I've read the parts I initially skimmed over the last month or so.  So, all in all, a rich reading experience.  And the Kindle gives me far less eyestrain than my iPhone, because of the former's passive display.

As for Donaldson's latest book: it has all of the intensity and drama (melodrama, maybe) of his earlier novels.  Either you like it or you don't: and I like it.  His reinvention of the Land over three separate eras is fascinating, and well done.  The characters are a bit too caught up in their own pain, but it's almost cathartic to read of their travails.  All in all, highly recommended if you liked his earlier novels.

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